To achieve world peace, educational institutions must not only train students to be competent professionally, but help them to understand the importance of becoming responsible citizens who can contribute to the building of a better society. The education of moral and responsible global citizens represents a key responsibility of universities and institutions of higher learning.

For that reason the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon proposed, at the first world congress of the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) held in 1983, the establishment of an organization that would bring together institutions of higher education from all over the world to address this concern on a global level.

The vision of an international network of universities and scholars was realized when the World University Federation was inaugurated during a meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay in February, 1996 where over 300 representatives of major educational institutions attended.

The purpose of the Federation is to create a world in which people live in peace, cooperate with each other, and respect individual rights and values, ultimately becoming members of a global society.

The World University Federation, with the support of distinguished scholars worldwide, seeks to make a positive global influence on education through taking full advantage of the possibilities and opportunities offered by current information technologies.