The British historian Arnold Toynbee numbers among those who recognized the axial linkage between culture and religion. Education, more than anything else, is preoccupied with understanding and preserving the worlds cultures. Given this, it is not surprising that the World University Federation dedicates considerable attention to the question of religion.

The Federation welcomes the sharing in this section of its site of a variety of religious views. Study of any one of the faiths that are to be listed here will make it possible to receive a diploma from the Federation recognizing that the student has developed a basic understanding of the key precepts of a given faith. In the near future, we hope that other faiths will also feel interested in using this venue as a way to provide an academic introduction of their faith and its fundamental precepts.

We would anticipate that more advanced certification in each of the faiths will also be available through this modality. There will also be an Advanced Diploma in the Study of the World Religions made available for those who complete the readings of all of the major faiths listed on this page. This will require the completion of a thesis that will be developed in conjunction with a WUF World Religions Scholar.

  - Certificate in Bahai Faith
  - Certificate in Buddhism
  - Certificate in Christianity
  - Certificate in Confucianism
  - Certificate in Hinduism
- Certificate in Islam
  - Certificate in Jainism
- Certificate in Judaism
- Certificate in Taoism
- Certificate in Unificationism